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Dream Team

Mindy Schwartz


Mindy started gardening when she was 10.  By high school she was doing everything organically.  These days, her farming days are few, as she spends most of her time behind her computer focused on the backend systems and development work for the growing business.  It just so happens that, unlike most people, Mindy loves accounting (but not as much as gardening!). 

When she's not at her desk or meeting with prospective customers, vendors and community partners, she's dreaming about what could be.  In her mind... it's hardly just begun.

She can be reached at mindy@mygardendreams.com

Danielle Marvit

Danielle's love of farming has been cultivated for close to 20 years. She has worked on farms that span everything from organic vegetable production to small scale dairy to therapeutic agriculture. Her specialty has always been growing strong healthy seedlings and teaching folks how to grow their own food. She is passionate about growing and using medicinal herbs, creating beautiful healing spaces, planting habitat for beneficial insects, preserving the seasonal harvest and discovering the magic of natural dyes. She is looking forward to growing Garden Dreams and sharing its future with everyone who dreams as big as she does!

She can be reached at danielle@mygardendreams.com

Catherine Zagare

Catherine is a Pittsburgh transplant from Buffalo, New York. The confluence of her maternal and paternal bloodlines is rooted deeply in a common love of food, entrepreneurial spirits, and tales of farm life in rural Pennsylvania. In addition to entering her ninth season as part of the Garden Dreams team she has worked with and for many farms in Pennsylvania including a goat creamery and attended Chatham University’s School of Sustainability and the Environment (now the Falk School of Sustainability), as part of the inaugural Food Studies cohort. She is dedicated to being a lifelong grower, learner, and tomato sauce taster/maker/sharer!

She can be reached at catherine@mygardendreams.com

Moirin Reynolds

Moirin is the owner, teacher, practitioner, and maker behind Bridget's Apothecary. She has been studying naturopathic principles, and herbalism for the last 10+ years. She loves connecting people with plants and the knowledge to take baby steps towards health. Utilizing her art degree, she has been deepening her connection to the earth by making both beautiful and functional creations with nature, including natural dyes, cordage and foraged craft materials.  She offers hands-on classes, lectures, one-on-one health consultations, plant walks, and natural/herbal remedies and body care.

She can be reached at www.bridgetsapothecary.com

Current AvailabilityApril 28th, 2019

Phew! We’ve been busy growing close to 15,000 seedlings for all of you and we are getting excited to share them with you during our Seedling Sale over Mother’s Day weekend.  Even thou

PricingApril 28th, 2019

Please note: Seedlings will only be available for sale on-farm during Mother’s Day weekend (May 9th-12th).   2019 Seedling Pricing: Most Vegetables -Yellow Tags $3.25 Tomatoes, Peppers

Hours & LocationApril 28th, 2019

We will be open for on-farm seedling sales one weekend for the 2019 season: Mother’s Day weekend (May 9th-12th). Thursday May 9th 10am-6pm Friday May 10th 10am-6pm Saturday May 11th 10am-6pm Sun

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We are only open for Mother’s Day weekend (May 9th-12th) for the 2019 season.


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We will only be open for Mother’s Day weekend (May 9th-12th) for the 2019 nursery season.

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