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Seed School

Learn how to start your own seeds

Garden Dreams is excited to announce yet another brand NEW offering for 2018: our first ever Seed School!

For the first time ever, we are opening our doors and letting you in behind the scenes. Come tour our operation, learn tips on how to grow your own seedlings, get hands-on experience in our nursery, get the tools and resources that you need to become a stronger gardener, and have personal access to our Production Manager for all your seed starting questions.

We want to support you as a gardener. Starting your own seedlings is a fun and affordable way to grow your own food. But how do you get started? This is where we come in and help. We have been growing healthy organic seedlings for well over a decade. We have the experience and the knowledge to help you learn the skills needed to start your own seeds. It's really not hard. However, there are many ways starting seeds at home can fail. We want to give you the resources and helpful instruction you need to succeed.

This program is not just for the beginner gardener. It's for everyone that wants to become a stronger gardener. Have you ever struggled getting seeds to germinate? Have your seedlings turned spindly, got infested with aphids or died before they ever got planted in the garden? You are not alone. Home gardeners experience these challenges all the time. It's more common than you think. We can help you learn from those experiences and trouble shoot your way through the process. This is the only way we become better at something. By learning from our mistakes.

This Seed School is a 3-part program, with each 2 hour workshop taking place on a Sunday from 10 am to 12 pm:

  • Part 1- March 18th- you will learn how to source your seeds and supplies, what seeds need to germinate, get hands-on practice seeding your own plug flat, and learn basic plug flat care.
  • Part 2- April 29th- we will continue the process by learning what to do once your plug flats have germinated and your seedlings have filled out their plug cells. This is where we will discuss potting up. Why we do it and how best to do it. Learn what your newly potted up seedlings need to thrive and grow into vibrant seedlings that you can plant in your garden when the time is right.
  • Part 3- May 20th- you will learn how best to prep your garden for your young transplants. We will discuss how to protect your seedlings once they have been planted and how to encourage them to survive when they are at their most vulnerable.

Each workshop can be taken separately, however, we encourage you to participate in the entire series to get the most out of this program. We have broken it up over the months, so that you can grow your skills at the same time that your seedlings are growing. This is very important and I think a great opportunity for our community of dreamers.

And lastly, we want to offer you a 10% discount in the nursery on all seedling purchases. This is just an insurance policy and a great way to get your hands on hard to find seedlings that you may not start at home. Then again, by the end of Seed School, you will be an expert at this and we may have to hire you next year as part of our team!

Click here to sign up for this one of a kind learning opportunity:



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