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Current Availability

Fruit- Figs are NOT available this year but this year we have pawpaws!!! 

Herbs- we've got all sorts of delicious and medicinal herbs. Our selection is constantly changing and growing. We finally have basil- thank you for your patience! 

Red Shiso is going to be very limited, German Chamomile is done for the season, Phenomenal Lavender is NOT available due to crop loss this year, Lovage is delayed, Variegated Peppermint is not available, Self Heal is delayed, Applemint is almost sold out, Valerian is not available this year. All other herbs are available.

Flowers- annual flowers are available. Most but not all perennials and natives are delayed due to the weather. We will have most native flowers and perennials in June. We do have Eastern Columbine, Black Cohosh, Goldenrod, Great Blue Lobelia and Dotted Mint available. Culver's Root is not available due to crop loss. UPDATE: we have been busy potting up milkweed and the other native perennial flowers. Please join us this June for National Pollinator Week when most (if not all) the natives will finally be ready for planting. 

Veggies- Rainbow chard, Arugula, and Peas are done for spring. Warm season crops like cucumbers/zucchini/winter squash/beans/corn are now available. Limited supply of okra this year due to weather.

All Tomatoes, Peppers and Eggplants are available and ready for planting. We will have trial varieties available Memorial Day weekend. Please ask about our NEW trial peppers and tomatoes. We are excited to try these out this year and are looking for adventurous folks that want to give these lovelies a try too! 

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We are closed for the 2018 nursery season. We will still have workshops and events in the garden thru October. 

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