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Catalogs & Pricing

2018 Seedling Pricing:

Most Vegetables -Yellow Tags $3.25

Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplants and Basil - White Tags $4.00

Herbs, Flowers and individual Strawberries - Lavender Tags - $4.75

Strawberry 4-packs - Lavender Tags (marked) - $14.25 

Native Plants, Dahlias, Figs and Herbs - Orange Tags - $6.75

2nd Year Perennials (1 gallon pots) - Orange Tags (marked) - $9.00

2nd Year Perennials (2 gallon pots) - Orange Tags (marked) - $11.00

Fruit (1 gallon pots) - Red Tags - $13.25

Fruit (2 gallon pots) - Red Tags (marked) - $15.25

Fruit (3 gallon pots) - Red Tags (marked) - $17.25

Fruit (specialty tree pot) - Blue Tag - $16.50


2018 Tomatoes, Peppers & Eggplants Catalog (click here)

New varieties of tomatoes, peppers and eggplants for 2018 include:

Eggplants - Thai Green Long

Sweet Peppers - Antohi Romanian, Corbaci, Fushimi, Sigaretta de Bergamo, Stocky Sweet Red Roaster, Petite Marseillais, Super Shepherd, Red California Wonder, Red Mini Bell and Yellow Monster

Hot Peppers - Aji Dulce, Biquinho Red and Yellow, Trinidadian Perfume, Satan's Kiss, Chi-Chien, Mariano's Calabrian and Joe's Long Cayenne

Tomatoes - German Johnson, Limbaugh's Potato Top, Bonnie's Best, Buffalo Heart, Bush Beefsteak, Rutgers, Thessaloniki, Tropic, Principe Borghese, Speckled Roman, Kellogg's Breakfast, Nebraska Wedding, Chocolate Striped, Copia and Marvel Striped

Cherry Tomatoes - Austin's Red Pear and Sweetie

Dwarf Tomatoes - Arctic Rose, Lemon Ice, Pink Passion, Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye, Purple Heart, Scarlet Heart and Uluru Ochre


2018 Herbs, Flowers, Fruits & Veggies Catalog (click here)

New varieties for 2018 include:

Basils - Elenora (this exciting new Italian variety has shown signs of downy mildew resistance in trials)

Annual Herbs - Gold Dust Rosemary, Gorizia Rosemary, Hill Hardy Rosemary, and Shady Acres Rosemary

Biennial Herbs - Greek Mullein and Clary Sage

Perennial Herbs - Elecampane, Lovage, Motherwort, Mountain Mint, Common Flowering Sage, Salad Burnet, Self Heal, Kentucky Colonel Spearmint, Mojito Spearmint, St. John's Wort, Pink Chintz Creeping Thyme and Valerian

Annual Flowers - Zeolights Calendula, Bright Lights Cosmos, Xanthos Cosmos, Giant Hybrid Mix Dahlia, Hypnotica Dark Night Dahlia, Hypnotica Lavender Dahlia, Mignon Single Mix Dahlia, Strawberry Fields Gomphrena, Job's Tears, Dwarf Jewel Mix Nasturtium, Perfect Mix Nicotiana, Night and Day Snapdragons, Sultane Mix Strawflowers, Tom Thumb Mix Strawflowers, Blushing Queen Zinnia, Cactus Mix Zinnia, Peppermint Stick Zinnia and Red Scarlet Zinnia

Biennial Flowers - Single Pink Hollyhock

Perennial Flowers - Bay Magnolia, Red Bee Balm, Black Cohosh, Chim Chiminee Black-eyed Susan, Blue Vervain, Boneset, Brown-eyed Susan, Culver's Root, Joe Pye Weed, Dotted Mint, New England Aster and Helen Mt Violets (Johnny Jump-ups)

Perennial Fruit - Black Chokecherry, Blueberries, Cornelian Cherry, Highbush Cranberry, English Hawthorn, Golden Raspberry, Ninebark and Rosa Rugosa

Vegetables - Haricot Vert Beans, Lima Beans, Purple Romano Beans, Caraflex Cabbage, Famosa Savoy Cabbage, Italian Red Dandelion, Claytonia, Strawberry Popcorn, Wrinkled Crinkled Cress, Lemon Cucumber, Silver Slicer Cucumber, Blushed Butter Oaks Lettuce, Cinnamon Oak Lettuce, Green Deer Tongue Lettuce, Australian Yellow Lettuce, Jadeite Romaine Lettuce, Jester Crisp Lettuce, Merlox Red Oak Lettuce, Red Burgundy Okra, Green and Purple Pac Choi, Shelling Peas, Golden Purslane, Radicchio, French Sorrel, Patty Pan Summer Squash, Tatsoi, Musque de Provence Pumpkin and Honeynut Butternut Squash

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