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Wild Women's Outdoor Awareness with Blue Heron Nature Skills

May 13th, 2018 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Join us on Sunday, May 13th (Mother's Day) for a powerful discussion all about honing our outdoor nature awareness and survival skills. As wild women, being in Nature is part of what keeps us alive. For many of us, this means being alone outdoors to steep ourselves in the experience.

Having personally spent a LOT of time outdoors by myself (including traveling across the country and camping alone), I am excited to launch this new class to share the many things I have discovered from these solo expeditions.

Hiking alone as a woman is completely natural, and DOABLE. I will be sharing my own stories as well as those of some others who have set out to prove the fearful masses wrong. You will leave feeling more empowered than ever.

Topics include but are not limited to: 
~The many ways to prevent ourselves from becoming lost, ways to work through the occasion of dealing with if/when we ARE lost, and the ways in which we can recover our sense of direction if this should happen. Catching it as it's happening is key. We'll discuss awareness techniques for making this more instinctive, more "second nature" while outside.
~Selecting safe places to set up camp in the backcountry
~Basic yet effective simple self-defense techniques (we will not be demonstrating this or doing any work with partners, so not to worry!) I find this very important and will talk in-depth about easy ways to prevent issues from arising and what to do if they should.
~What to pack before heading out solo onto a trail or into the backcountry~ This is an important part of our general awareness outside. Packing useful items can give us one hell of an edge out there.
~And so much more! This is a brand-spanking new course from me this year, and I am curious to see what women are most interested in! I have a lot to share from my experiences and am overly excited about presenting what I've learned!

Tixx are on-sale now! $18 non-refundable
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