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Sub-irrigated Container Gardening

May 6th, 2017 1:00pm - 3:00pm


DIY self-watering container from your recycling

Reservoir planters retain soil nutrients longer, keep soil from becoming compacted, and of course allow you to go longer between waterings. We'll construct an internal reservoir for a window box planter that will keep your flowers, greens, or strawberries evenly moist all summer. Please bring any clean 12-20oz plastic bottles WITH lids that you have at home.

Instructor Bio: 
Fellow Garden Dreamer, Laura is a balcony gardener who loves keeping costs low and yields high. She has a background in IT, communicating between engineers and executives and volunteers so that everyone understands each other. A Pittsburgh transplant from Chicago, her favorite ecosystem is the prairie.

Cost for this class is $30 and includes a completed sub-irrigated container garden for each participant to take home. 

CLICK HERE to register.  We look forward to seeing you!

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